Long Term Temperature and Rainfall Patterns for Darwin (NT)


Maximum Temperatures have risen, fairly linearly, 2.5 to 3 °C over the last 80 years, starting from the late 1930s.

Minimum Temperatures show a very different pattern, only starting to rise in the late 1940s, reaching a peak in the late 1980s, just over only 1 °C higher. After the 1980s, they fell back half a degree but look to be possibly on the rise again.

Diurnal Ranges, given these patterns, were steady to around 1960, then rose half a degree over ten years but then fell back almost a degree to below the pre-1960 averages. Since 1986, the diurnal range has risen sharply one degree 

Rainfall data is only available since 1941, compared to 1910 for temperatures, Here there has been a broad increase from around 1550 to 1750mm though this has not been a steady rise. Rainfall was steady to the late 1960s, then rose some 300 mms over 7 years, then slowly fell back, and then it suddenly rose about 280mms over another 7 years, only to slowly decline since to around 1750 mms.