Australia's road to a low carbon economy

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JEFFREY SACHS: Well I think the Government is right now afraid of this topic and it's a huge mistake because Australia is the fourth-largest coal reserve country in the world. It's a major coal exporter. It is the eighth-largest CO2 emitting economy in the world. Australia can't say: sorry, we're just not interested.


Australia can provide true global leadership right now and that is to mobilise, together with the other major coal economies, a massive effort on testing - and hopefully proving - the carbon capture and sequestration technology, because that is the only way that Australia is going to be able to use its coal at a large scale in the years and decades to come.


Put in real money, probably $20 to $30 billion I would say, minimum, to get scaled, serious demonstration programs working in China, in India, in Australia, in Canada, in the United States and to test the geology and the engineering of this technology.

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(Don't forget Sachs' recommendations destroyed the Russian economy)


Will carbon capture and storage ever make fossil fuels safe?

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A UK parliament report has called for renewed investment in the storage of carbon emitted by industry. But will the technology ever come of age? With your help, Karl Mathiesen investigates.

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The, 22 April 2014

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Abbott out of step on climate change, says Professor Jeffrey Sachs

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(as if we did not know this!!)

by Tom Arup, SMH, 21 May 2014

Australia's reversal on climate change action will ultimately not stick because the rest of the world will make clear that it is unacceptable, globally renowned economist Professor Jeffrey Sachs says.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Professor Sachs said the extreme shocks and pain of climate change were now being felt across the planet and governments acting in an ''anti-scientific perspective or an extraordinarily short-term perspective'' will be surprised by the response from other countries.

''This government was surprised this week with the reception to the budget,'' Professor Sachs said. ''And I think it is going to be surprised by the global reception of its climate policies as well unless it begins to understand the real situation in the world and what's really expected of a country like Australia.''



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