Long Term Graphs of Local Climates 

The following graphs shows the classic image of changing global temperatures. It gives averages over a year and five years and over the globe, i.e. over time and space. But what do they mean to the individual and do they hide a great variation in climate change effects across the globe. 

How are different climate measures affected. Are maximum temperatures affected in the same way as minimum temperatures? The answer is no they are not. So here we start looking at different cities and localities across Australia.

The difficulty of taking averages is that they naturally vary less than the raw data; the larger the range (monthly, annual, 12 yearly), the lower the variation. The same happens the larger is the area over which the average is taken (Sydney, NSW, Australia, the World).

People find it hard to identify with a change in global temperatures. What does it really mean for them? When you look at what people in one location actually experience, the rise in temperatures due to climate change is distinctly greater than the commonly quoted broad averages over large areas.

These graphs imply that we really do have a climate emergency on our hands. There is a petition for people to sign at the website, http://climateemergencydeclaration.org/petition1/

We present figures showing the maximum temperatures, the minimum temperatures, and the daily temperature ranges, using data as far back as possible. 

Click on a place of interest to you for the graphs for that place.

We will slowly add more and more places but, if your home location is not included, please send an email to [email protected] and we will set up the graphs for you as soon as possible.